Is Protein Powder Crucial for Weight Training?

Does Protein Powder Help Fitness?

Do we need protein?
Is protein crucial to fitness?

A common question many beginners have is “Do I need to buy protein shakes?” Advertising has drilled into our head that protein shakes are crucial to fitness. The truth is that you don’t “need” protein shakes.

Lets take a look at what protein powder consists of. Protein powder usually consists of whey protein which is a common protein found in milk. Despite popular belief, whey protein will not damage your liver of kidneys, but can make existing issues worse. For a healthy individual, protein powder will not harm you or make you more “aggressive”.

Many beginners think of protein powder as the Ambrosia of the lifting gods, something that will bestow upon them unreal power in the gym. But in reality protein powder is exactly what it is: Protein. That’s all it is; it will not do anything besides help fulfill your protein macronutrient requirement. So when should you take protein powder?

Its recommended for active athletes that you get 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight(2.2 Grams / Kg). Sometimes active people do not reach this requirement and their performance suffers because of it. This is where protein powders can be helpful. Protein powder is relatively cheap and has an excellent price to gram ratio. Protein powder is also very easily consumed as a drink or as a chocolate bar. A serving of whey protein can have the same amount of protein as three fast food hamburgers. Track your macronutrients throughout the day and see if your deficient in protein. If your not getting enough protein, buy some protein powder and take enough servings to make up for the difference.

Here’s a list of the best protein powders and their effectiveness(grams per serving).

Optimum Nutrition Whey

  • Has 27 Flavors, 24 grams per serving

Cellucor Cor-Performance Whey

  • 25 grams per serving

Body Fortress Whey Protein

  • 60 grams per serving (however one serving is two scoops, while the others are one)

EAS 100% Whey Protein Powder

  • 26 grams per serving

BSN SYNTHIA-6 Protein Powder

  • 22 grams per serving

Orgain Organic Protein Plant-Based Gluten Free

  • 21 grams per serving

CLIF Builder’s Protein

  • 20 grams per serving