Stop Worrying About Form and Start Lifting

Excessively worrying about form will limit your progress

An image of the barbell squat by Everkinetic
An illustration of the barbell squat by Everkinetic

The biggest mistake a new lifter makes is worrying too much about form. I’ve lost count of how many people say “deload to the bar” when they see people slightly arched during 1 rep max deadlift attempts. This mindset of “form first” will severely hurt your progress.

It’s easy for new lifters to become overwhelmed with the plethora of lifting knowledge online. There are thousands of Youtube videos describing the perfect form for every lift down to the smallest detail. This deluge of knowledge leads to lifters being overly concerned with form instead of effort.

A good example is the barbell squat. You’ll find thousands of sources telling you how to position your head and how far your feet should be. In reality, there are only a few things about squat that are important to know. Things such as head position and stance width are all personal preference.

New lifters have this “form first” mindset because they think lifting will cripple you for life. Lifting in reality is very safe, much safer than other sports. They want to get the form “right” first before they start lifting heavy. However, if you look at any top level powerlifting meet, every powerlifter lifts differently. The “right” form for you is what you feel most comfortable and the strongest in.

Start putting more effort into your lifts instead of worrying so much about form. The form first mindset will lead you to deloading to this.

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