The Absence of Women Lifting Science: How to Find Your Own

The Absence of Women Lifting Science: How to Find Your Own

Svetlana Podobedova preforms a clean and jerk: lifting science
Svetlana Podobedova performs a clean and jerk. A complicated lift with lots of interesting fitness science behind it.

“Fifty males between the ages of 20-54 were recruited from blank for blank study”. How many fitness studies begin, with n count of males being participants in a fitness study. The results from these studies often do not translate well to women and leave women lacking any solid studies to base their training off of.

This theme of neglecting women in studies is not only seen in lifting studies but also in medicine too. Many of us may know the F.A.S.T. or S.T.O.P. acronym for spotting common signs of stroke and heart attack; however, women often can experience different symptoms that few have been taught to spot. Medical studies are also often conducted on men, causing women to not be properly represented in scientific studies.

Unfortunately, the fitness industry pushes women toward pink 5 pound weights and a 100 rep range to “tone”. Women who venture into heavy lifting and other male dominated fitness areas find advice or training isn’t relevant to them. For example, many beginner lifting programs for men usually progress around 10-15 pounds a week for bench; for women that is nearly impossible linear progression to keep up with. There are few beginning powerlifting routines that are women oriented.

How do you break out of this unjust social mold? Simple. Take initiative and join Facebook groups, online forums, and college powerlifting clubs to find other women with a mindset just like yours. Utilize the internet to connect with other women who will help you learn more about fitness in a male dominated world.



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